Robert Freeman Ministries

Guidance for your journey

Welcome and as you continue on your journey know God is with you each step of the way. Discipleship is having someone to walk with on your journey for a while, not for persuasion but for a listening ear to guide and support you as you grow into the person God desires you to be.

We have some simple suggestions for you:
  1. God expects you to be yourself on your journey. Remember you are one of a kind and special to our God.
  2. Find a place or church that embraces the Word of God.
  3. Listen to what God is doing inside of you.
  4. Seek out someone to disciple you.
  5. Ask your discipler questions about what is happening in your mind, heart and around your life.
  6. Know your discipler may not have the answers but in time the Spirit of God will speak into your heart and mind.

Looking for a person to walk with you on your journey? You can contact us.